FRD Furukawa


Drill Rigs

• High output compressors
• Low emission engines
• Dual damper system


Rock Breakers

• Top of class breaking power
• 10% to 20% more blow power
• Reduced maintenance costs



• High tensile strength steel
• Top of class crushing ability
GO Advanced manoeuvrability

Hydraulic Drills

Since Furukawa (FRD) produced the first Japanese made rock drill, they have developed numerous products and established a reputation as the world’s top manufacturer of rock drills.  FRD has mastered the art of crafting the ultimate rock drill to maximize power and economy.  Their range of rock drills includes hydraulic crawler drills, pneumatic crawler drills and down the hole drills.


  • Furukawa hydraulic drills combine powerful penetration with agility and easy operation.
  • The integrated drilling system is comprised of all-hydraulic controls and a reactive damper control system, which work together to accommodate changing rock conditions.
  • Furukawa hydraulic drills feature an anti jamming option.  This automatically adjusts impact and feed force, while the damper control system regulates pressure based on rock hardness.
  • The Dual damper system maximizes energy transfer to produce straighter holes in addition to reducing the wear and tear of the hydraulic drill components.
  • The compact valve design provides rapid valve and piston response for enhanced performance.

The HCR series is an integrated hydraulic crawler drill that has lifted the standard of rock drills by including a new hydraulic drifter and intelligent drilling system that drills faster, yet maximises machine component life and reduces fuel consumption. These features combined with a comfortable cabin and ease of work allow for a large reduction in total drilling costs.


  • Designed to drill faster and straighter
  • The first dual damper system in the industry
  • Minimizes percussion energy loss
  • Reverse percussion is available
  • Maximizes machine component life due to robust engineering

With the new HD700 series, it’s easier to drill faster and straighter than ever before. FRD has developed the Dual Damper System which is the first in the industry. For maximum energy transfer, Active Dual Damper System minimizes the return of shock waves by keeping the bit firmly against the rock at all times during drilling. The HD700 series drifters minimise percussion energy loss and by optimizing the overall feed force required, the drills produce straighter holes and greatly improve the lift of drilling accessories.  They also feature reverse percussion, which enables the most efficient and cost effective reverse drilling when required.


  • Self adjusting drill system to maximise efficiency
  • Impact force, feed force and rotation force are automatically controlled
  • Powerfully designed to drill through the toughest materials
  • Adapts automatically to changing rock conditions
  • Increased drill component life, whilst minimising fuel consumption

The HCR 900-ESII and HCR900-DSII are ideal for demanding site preparation applications. Simple, durable and efficient, these two hydraulic drills incorporate a self-adjusting drill system designed to maximize drilling efficiency through to the bottom of the hole. By automatically controlling the impact force, feed force, rotation force and dual dampener pressure, the HCR 900 series continuously adapts to the changing rock conditions. As a result, drilling performance and the life of the drill tools are increased, while lowering fuel consumption.


Operating weight 10,250kg 10,550kg
Drifter model HD709 HD709
Free air delivery 6.1m3/min 5.4m3/min
Boom type Extension Fix
Bit diameter 65~90mm 65~90mm
Rod diameter 38R (32H,38H,45R) 38R (32H,38H,45R)
Rod length 3,660mm(12ft) or 3,050mm(10ft) 3,050mm(10ft)

Download full spec brochure (HCR 900 ES II)

Download full spec brochure (HCR 900 DS II)

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HCR1000-EDSII and the HCR 1200-EDII

  • Maximises performance and economy
  • Extendable booms
  • Self adjusting drill system to maximise productivity
  • Impact force, feed force and rotation force are automatically controlled
  • Adapts automatically to changing rock conditions
  • Increased drill component life, whilst minimising fuel consumption

Combining performance and economy, the HCR1000-EDSII and HCR1200-EDII are the perfect drills for quarries or construction sites. Simple, durable and efficient, the HCR1000-EDSII and HCR1200-EDII with extendable booms incorporate a self-adjusting drill system that ensures high productivity no matter what the drilling situation. By automatically controlling the impact force, feed force, rotation force and dual damper pressure, these crawler drills continuously adapt to the changing rock conditions, increasing drilling performance and the life of drill tools while decreasing fuel consumption.


ModelHCR 1000-EDSIIHCR 1200-EDII
Operating weight 11,650kg 14,100kg
Drifter model HD709 HD712
Free air delivery 6.1m3/min 7.8m3/min
Boom type Extension Extension
Bit diameter 65~90mm 76~102mm
Rod diameter 38R (32H,38H,45R) 45R (38R,51R)
Rod length 3,660mm(12ft) or 3,050mm(10ft) 33,660mm(12ft)

Download full spec brochure (HCR 1000- EDS II)

Download full spec brochure (HCR 1200- ED II)

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HCR1500-D20II and HCR1500-EDII

  • Low emission Tier III engine
  • Increased fuel tank capacity
  • Maximised power and efficiency
  • Robustly built to maximise machine life
  • HCR1500-EDII features an extendable boom
  • The HCR1500 ED Series II is the perfect drill for quarries or construction sites. Low-emission Tier III engines offer low fuel consumption, higher horsepower and meet U.S. exhaust emissions regulations. Increased fuel tank capacity provides more operating hours before refuelling.  Simple, durable and efficient, the HCR1500-EDII with extendable boom incorporates a self-adjusting drill system that ensures high productivity for any drilling situation.


    Operating weight 18,420kg 17,220kg
    Drifter model HD715
    Free air delivery 13.5m3/min
    Boom type Fix Extension
    Bit diameter 89~127mm
    Rod diameter 51R (45R)
    Rod length 6,100mm(20ft) 3,660mm(12ft)
    Starter Rod (max) 6,100mm(20ft) 4,000mm (14ft)

    Download full spec brochure (HCR 1500 ED II)

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  • Advanced hydraulic system to maximise power and efficiency
  • Adaptability to work productively in a variety of working environments
  • Extremely wide drilling coverage
  • Built robustly to maximise machine component life
  • Rapid and reliable hammering action
  • The advanced design of the boom and hydraulic system ensures outstanding versatility and high performance for handling all types of drilling operations. Road construction, dam work, open area drilling, mining, quarrying operations, tunneling and other drilling operations are all performed with unsurpassed efficiency. The PD200 pneumatic drifter has a large bore (130mm) cylinder, providing a powerful drive for the rapid and reliable hammering action. A dependable and durable geared motor as well as an independent rotation device further ensure outstanding drilling performance. The drifter can withstand severe working conditions, and can also easily handle a wide range of jobs involving various kinds of rock. A variety of bits ranging in size from 64mm to 102mm is available.


    Operating weight 5,000kg
    Drifter model PD200
    Air consumption 16m3/min
    Bit diameter φ65~100mm
    Rod diameter 38R
    Rod length 3,050mm or 3,660mm

    Download full spec brochure (PCR 200)

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    • Single-Lever Drilling Control for Easy Operation
    • High-Output Compressor
    • Advanced Rod Changer for Easy Drill Rod Changes
    • High-Visibility Gauges
    • Low-Emission, Tier III Caterpillar® Engine
    • Drill Hole Diameter 3.5" - 6"

     The DCR20 is the king of all large diameter hole drilling machines, with great turning ability in narrow locations. This machine is ergonomically designed to maximise operator comfort. In addition, the advanced drilling system features a high pressure high blow compressor and high power engine to maximise efficiency at any job site.

    Operating weight 21,000kg
    Engine output 328 kW / 2,100 min-1
    Max. torque of drill motor 3.25 kN・m
       Max. air pressure
       Free air delivery

    24 m3/min
    Bit diameter 89~165mm
    Rod diameter 76mm、89mm、120mm
    Rod length 4,000mm, 5,000mm, (6,000mm)

    Download full spec brochure (DCR 20)

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    • High output compressor
    • Comfortable wide cabin
    • Real time drilling condition display
    • High performance dust collector with large air capacity
    • Automatic greasing system

    The DCR45 is an extremely durable and reliable machine that is extremely efficient.  It features an ergonomically designed cabin with air conditioning, revolving seat and backward surveillance colour camera. The advanced monitor panel displays real time information on drilling angle, drilling length and rod rotation speed.  Complimenting the display panel is a tilt-type control panel designed for ease of use.  A high-output compressor provides faster drilling, decreases bit wear and prevents re-drilling of cuttings and jamming. Cuttings are efficiently collected through the high performance pre cleaner and dust collector, with large air capacity (100m3/min).  It also features a newly developed anti-jamming system which results in rotation torque, feed force and speed being greatly improved. Operator maintenance is made easy with an automatic greasing system which can be controlled from the cabin.


    Operating weight 48,000kg
    Engine output 567 kW / 1,900min-1
    Max. torque of drill motor 1 speed, 12,5 kN・m
       Max. air pressure
       Free air delivery

    2.5 MPa
    35.7 m3/min
    Bit diameter 203~251mm
    Rod diameter 178mm
    Rod length 10,100mm

    Download full spec brochure (DCR 45)

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    PCR-DTH (Pneumatic Down-The-Hole Drill) 

    • Sure traction and stability in rough working conditions
    • Convenient crawler-tension adjustment
    • High speed drilling
    • Streamlined piston
    • Triple noise muffling system

    The powerful PCR-DTH crawler drill features a rod length of 3000mm (9.84ft).  It is capable of high manoeuvrability and exceptional operation ease on any site to assure you a total drilling capability that ranks as the best in this class.  The Furukawa PCR-DTH pneumatic drill introduces new dimensions in power, speed, noise, control and operator ease of use.


    Operating weight 5,100kg
    Engine output 22m3/min
    Max. torque of drill motor  
       Max. air pressure
       Free air delivery
    Bit diameter 89~203mm
    Rod diameter 76mm
    Rod length 1,500mm or 3,070mm

    Download full spec brochure (PCR DTH)

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